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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child has learning disabilities? What if my child needs extra academic support?

The learning potential for each child has the opportunity to emerge, and his or her specific needs can be met within the environment. If your child has a specific diagnosis, the adaptation needed, as well as the interaction with the Guide and fellow students will be considered,  in cooperation with the parents. The Montessori environment provides a unique opportunity for the individualized needs of the child to be met in the multi-age environment. Through observations, JPGMA will work with parents and the student to make proper referrals and recommendations for assistance both within and outside of the Academy. Staff is available to give extra support to students by way of lessons and interactive learning with specific needs in focus. 

Does JPGMA have Sports and Athletic opportunities?

Based on student interest, JPGMA will offer club sports for the academic year 20-21. 

Is there an Atrium Only option for my child?

Atrium sessions are available to current students and families for the academic year 20-21. Level I, II and III atriums are on site. 

Preparation for the reception and participation in the Sacramental life of the Catholic Church is offered through JPGMA’s atrium.   

Phone policy/computer/tech availability on campus.

JPGMA has a strict no phone policy for students. 

Access to computers for projects and research will be supervised and guided by the head of each environment. 

Why do we wear a uniform for a Catholic Montessori Elementary, Middle School, and High School?

Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for our Academy, and is an important part of being a student. It is a visible display that we are a part of a community and a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.  It also removes the distraction of what other people look like and are wearing. It invites the child to look within to discover who they are as a person. The JPGMA uniform is simple, dignified, and beautiful.

Having a uniform is in accordance with the Montessori principles of working in community and dressing appropriately, without distraction. It is also a large part of our Catholic culture and tradition. Priests, monks, and nuns all wear a “uniform” so to speak that identifies them as a part of a community and each article of clothing stands for something that shows they are set apart for God.  It removes the distractions of the world and aids their attention to something greater. It ultimately assists them in their work of union with God and with each other.  That is the deeper meaning of the uniform at JPGMA. Our colors and clothing set us apart and are a visible sign of our Core Values. When we put on our school uniform, we are saying that we are ready to come to this Academy and do our best work in union with our Lord.