John Paul the Great Montessori Academy
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Our Mission

What We Stand For

John Paul the Great Montessori’s Mission is to work hand in hand with parents to provide a nurturing, beautiful, and rural environment which allows each child to develop spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. Our education is rooted in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Theology of the Body so that we can prepare the next generation to be a light in the darkness. Our academic program is an authentic Catholic Montessori approach using hands on materials with mixed age groups that allows for each child to progress and be challenged at their own pace while learning how to work within a community.

Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Our location is rural with outdoor access for recess and recreation. The outbuildings promote animal husbandry and development of occupations. Our school is housed in a beautiful rural area specifically designed to meet the spiritual, academic, and social needs of our children. The school is located on a multi-acre property with animals, fields, and water features. This layout meets the needs both of the imaginative child and the athletically inclined

Our Vision

“Core Values of John Paul the Great Montessori Academy”

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the gift of the Eucharist is the heart of our Program. The unconditional love that God has for each one of us calls us to enter into relationship with Him. Grounded in this Divine love and humility, we are called to enter into that same relationship with the child.

Our academy follows the call of St. John Paul the Great to “courageously follow the path of personal holiness and diligently nourish yourselves with the word of God and the Eucharist. The holier you are, the more you can contribute to building up the Church and society.”

Working hand-in-hand with parents, our academy seeks to assist each student in achieving their God-given potential and to ensure that no student is satisfied with mediocrity.

Our academy provides an environment of freedom, rooted in the Montessori Method, where students face complex problems both inside and outside the classroom. These experiences allow our students to develop their intellect and will and build self-confidence as they conquer challenging tasks.

Selfless service to others is integral to our Christian faith. Our faculty and students constantly look for opportunities to serve the community of families at the academy, as well as their parishes and the larger Front Royal community.

We honor the generations of men and women who have fought bravely to secure our freedom. Our students begin each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and pray regularly for those serving to protect our great nation.



What Parents are Saying

“I am excited to see my daughter flourish in the Montessori environment while also receiving the riches of a classical education.” 

Hannah Norton

“My daughter Lydia and I are excited to  be a part of John-Paul the great Montessori Academy.  In the five years that Mrs. Hencken has taught and mentored Lydia I have delighted to witness my daughter’s growth as she has honed her academic skills, matured in her social interactions, and fully embraced her Catholic faith.  Most impressively, I see my daughter’s love of learning, her creative initiatives and her self confidence.  Clearly the classical education, combined with the Montessori philosophy grounded in the Faith and conveyed by dedicated teachers renders JPGMA the learning environment that parents can trust to nurture the minds and inspire the souls of their children.  I enthusiastically endorse JPGMA as good for our children, good for our community, and good for our future.

Bridget Hickson

“When it comes to schools, we are abundantly blessed to have many options in this community.  So why have we chosen John Paul the Great Montessori Academy?  It is very important to me as a parent that the values and goals that we are reaching for on a daily basis at home with our children are continued as best as possible in their school environment. The formation and character development of our children is of utmost importance to us, as well as their academic education and I look for a school that can accommodate both well. I believe JPGMA’s mission statement truly embodies what we have been looking for in a school. It promises to be a very good balance of academia and formation of the whole person, in true Montessori fashion. We are drawn to the spirituality, the ideals and the model that JPGMA offers. Also, our decision to choose JPGMA was greatly influenced by the JPGMA community and the fact that many families’ talents, experiences, and resources have come together to deliver this Montessori Academy. I feel confident that my children will continue to blossom in the company of their peers, teacher guides, and with families that we know, love and respect.”

Mimi Uhlenkott