Administration & Staff

Who We Are

All staff hired at JPGMA go through a rigorous vetting process.  We strive to hire the best teachers in each area to work with the children at the Academy. Teaching is a vocation.  The ability to work with multi age groups is both a great gift and responsibility. Each staff member is required to have a background check and is approved by the Head of School, Advisory Board, and Board of Directors.


Dr. McGuire is a retired educator with decades of experience as a teacher, secondary school principal, and
central office administrator in public schools in NYC and on Long Island. McGuire received his Doctorate in
Educational Administration from St. John’s University in 2007; his dissertation empirically linked and verified
the necessity of the practice of the virtue of Prudence, as defined by St. Thomas Aquinas, for effective
administration and supervision of secondary schools.
Prior to his career in education, Dr. McGuire was employed as an Exploration Geologist by a major oil company
and later gained a decade of professional experience in financial markets at the institutional level in New York
and Tokyo.